Oral Sedation in Birmingham, AL

Oral Sedation in Birmingham, AL

Oral sedation is an anti-anxiety medication that you take by mouth before your dental appointment. The medication calms your mind and body and helps you feel more at ease at the dentist’s office. Oral sedation relaxes you to the point where you may fall asleep during the procedure. However, you still can respond to questions and requests during treatment. 

At AC Dentistry, we commonly use oral sedation for dental procedures like root canals, tooth extractions, or crowns. 

How Does Oral Sedation Work?

Oral sedation allows patients to get through dental treatments easier and quicker. They can also get more work done in one appointment. Patients typically feel more relaxed after receiving this form of sedation, but they aren’t completely unconscious. They are still able to respond to any questions or prompts from the dentist in Birmingham, AL

Oral sedation is recommended for anxious patients or patients who need more extensive dental treatments.

What Types of Oral Sedation Are Available?

Oral sedation involves the use of anti-anxiety medication. There are two ways that oral sedation can be administered. The first option is for the patient to take a pill before the procedure. The second option is for the medication to be administered in liquid form.

The Benefits of Oral Sedation


Unlike other forms of sedation, oral sedation is milder and wears off more quickly. It can be administered to a wider range of patients, including patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart problems.

Minimal Anxiety

Oral sedation relaxes patients, so they’re able to sit still through treatment and not feel pain. Some patients don’t even remember their procedure and feel like they slept through it.

Quicker Treatment Time

Oral sedation allows you to receive treatment in fewer appointments than if you were receiving treatment without sedation. It can also reduce the amount of time it takes to complete one procedure.

More Complex Procedures Are Possible

If you’ve felt anxious about a complex dental procedure in the past, oral sedation can help reduce your anxiety and pain during your treatment, allowing you to feel calm, safe, and comfortable. Oral sedation can also help if you need multiple procedures done at once.

No Need for General Anesthetic

Oral sedation can be used when a patient prefers to be awake during dental treatment but needs a little help relaxing. Oral sedation does not put patients to sleep but relaxes them enough that they don’t feel anxious or afraid. In some cases, oral sedation can be used as an alternative to general anesthesia.

Effective for Even Severe Dental Phobias

Oral sedation is safe, effective, and useful even for patients with severe dental phobia. Compassionate dentists know that dental phobia can impact quality of life and cause unnecessary stress. For this reason, they offer oral sedation dentistry for fearful patients.

To learn more about the benefits of oral sedation, visit AC Dentistry at 7350 Cahaba Valley Rd. #106, Birmingham, AL 35242, or call (205) 533-6799.

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