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About Adam J. Cotant, DMD

Dr. Cotant strives to provide the best care in every aspect of dentistry. He spends time with every patient to learn as much as possible about them and their dental needs and goals, and then he develops a personalized treatment plan to deliver the high-end clinical care that he believes every patient deserves. His greatest reward is seeing a smile and happiness on the face of each patient following their dental procedure.

Dr. Cotant has a passion for continuing education, and he endlessly pursues knowledge and improvements in his dental skills so he can offer patients the most up-to-date treatment options possible. He is part of a SPEAR dental study club in Birmingham in which a small group of general dentists and specialists gather each month to discuss and learn methods for treating patients with complex dental issues. Besides having a passion for sharpening his dental abilities, Dr. Cotant enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. He’s also an avid outdoorsman that loves to hunt and fish. In his opinion, there’s nothing better than being outdoors, watching the sun come up, and seeing God’s beautiful creation come alive.

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Dr. Cotant's Education

Dr. Cotant's Affiliations

Dr. Cotant’s Awards

  • 2016 Birmingham District Dental Society/UAB School of Dentistry Most Outstanding Graduate Student of the year for overall clinical ability and patient-dentist relationships
  • 2016 Dental Lifeline Network Outstanding Student Award for outstanding work with special needs and pediatric patients


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